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Tap Into Health – A Lifestyle System for Health and Happiness
~ by Movin’ Melvin Brown

Click Here for more information & to order the T.I.H. TAP DANCE WORKOUT SYSTEM. System includes: Book, DVD, Double CD & T-Shirt.


This is all about your life of Health and Happiness, although you may begin to see changes overnight, or right away, the system is designed to bring you to a point of health and happiness (for life) over a reasonable period of time by implementing small simple things into your life at a non-stressful level, taking you to the point where you wake up feeling thinking and being on top of the world with no need to look back.

This is your Life, Just do it.

Tap Dance Into Health with Movin’ Melvin is unique, fun, upbeat and a GREAT way to exercise. It may just be what you’ve been looking for!

If you would like to . . .

  • look better,
  • feel better,
  • have more energy,
  • lose weight,
  • be healthier,
  • gain more endurance,
  • get control of your life and time,
  • learn to tap dance for fun or work
  • or to completely change your life?

Then it’s time for you to check
out Tap 'Dance' Into Health





Easy to learn tap dance with GREAT health tips. 






“Tap Into Health I” DVD $29.95

US shipping & handling $5.00

International shipping & handling $10.00

“Tap Into Health II” DVD $29.95

US shipping & handling $5.00

International shipping & handling $10.00

The Best of
Movin’ Melvin
Movin’ Melvin
Brown is being described as “The Last of The Great Song & Dance Men’.
If you can think of the combined Singing, Dancing and Entertainment ability
of Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson plus more, you get Movin’ Melvin
Brown!His show has
received a 5-Star Rating or equal in Edinburgh Scotland, Sydney, Adelaide
Australia, Wellington N.Z., Geneva Switzerland and Tokyo Japan.And
now, you can enjoy his extraordinary performance of singing,
dancing, tap dancing and comedy with “The Best of Movin’ Melvin”
DVD! Order Today!

“The Best of Movin’ Melvin” DVD $29.95

US shipping & handling $5.00

International shipping & handling $10.00