The Change This World Project . . . 

Melvin made a commitment to change the world many years ago, when he started the “Change This World Project in Austin, Texas. He believes that in order to change the world and make it a better place for all of us to live, we must start with the children.

We must teach children to love and to understand each other. Movin’ Melvin’s dream of building a home for homeless children and elderly people will soon begin to come true, thanks to all the support he has received around the world.

This is an on going project to help homeless people in the Austin, Texas area. We are currently paying off land, (100 acres) where we will build a home for homeless children and elderly people together. Movin’ Melvin plans to build and maintain this home through the sale of his cassettes, CD’s, books, DVDs and performances.

Melvin has written a song entitled “Change This World”, in support of this project. And the “Change This World” cassette is available for purchase.

Thanks to everyone who is helping to change this world.

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