What people saying about A Man, A Magic, A Music . . .

“For nearly two hours Melvin Brown entertains his audience in a manner and style not seen here since the death of variety. He’s a professional song and dance man, his four note laugh punctuates his pauses, his jokes and his stories with infectious good humor. The show A MAN, A MAGIC A MUSIC, it’s a must.”

Laurie Atkinson

The Evening Post (Wellington, New Zealand)

“Movin Melvin weaves magic with his music, Melvin tells the story of his life, using music from the fifties to the nineties, like James Brown, Ray Charles, the Righteous Brothers, and Temptations. He gives the audience the flavour of a black preacher, cries of hallelujah, and amen, finishing with a bunch of reserved kiwi’s movin and groovin to When The Saints Go Marching In.”

Susan Budd

The Dominion Newspaper (New Zealand)

“I saw the light, and standing within the light is the hero of this story Movin Melvin. He performs with the charisma that politicians, and religious leaders dream to have. Any attempt to describe Movin Melvin is destined for failure, the quirkiness of his act is something that must be experienced to understand why he was voted the most popular. Melvin’s voice enchants and adds new dimensions to music. His tapping is cool, you have to see it-and you will not regret it.”

Don McKennon

Salient One Magazine (New Zealand)


Movin’ Melvin has met many friends during his worldwide travels these past few years. He has touched many hearts in Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. His deep and cultivating laugh can make audiences forget about worries and live in that moment of happiness. 

Movin’ Melvin’s life of entertaining on stage, through television and film and through his numerous recordings has led to the creation of his one man show. A show that  continually delights folks of all ages from around the globe. 

His shows entertain worldwide audiences through dance, song, storytelling and humor. What a refreshing sense of hope this man brings to the world . . .


Share the Joy

Now, Movin’ Melvin Brown offers you the opportunity to share in his joy and to improve your health through his music, books and health DVD. Sale of these products also helps support the “Change This World Project”, which is an on going project to help homeless people in Austin, Texas.

“As a Man Thinketh” is a compilation of inspirational verses, poems and essays that reflect the thoughts of a man who is passionate about changing this world. His belief that our thoughts create our reality forms the basis for his writings about life, peace, happiness, and most of all love. Open the book to any page, and you will be inspired to think differently about your life, your relationships and about our collective future as a civilization.

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“American Entertainer has the greatest laugh, his chuckle rings out over the sound of his tap dancing feet and his rich singing voice. A guaranteed crowd pleaser, everyone in the audience came out beaming fit to burst.”

Megan Lane, Arts Reporter

The Evening Post

“It seems that Wellingtonians just can’t get enough of Movin’ Melvin Brown. Charm, enthusiasm, a good voice, a talent for storytelling, tap shoes that almost generate sparks. People say its a party, this guy is having fun, lets join the party. Hey Melvin I really enjoyed your show last night.”

Kim Williams

The Dominion (Wellington)